Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Introducing Trip Report Tuesday

Today I took one step towards my stated definition of awesome-- I wore spike heels. There was no katana, no 50-foot Christopher Walken, no parachute, and no cocktail dress. The heels were very hot, though. I wore them out to Miko with Andy, where we partook of sushi and plum ice cream. One of the things he and I have instituted is a weekly date night where we block off some time to do something together. Past activities have included the apple orchard/corn maze, trebuchet-building, movie nights, and the occasional dinner out. It's been nice. In the future I'm keen to check out the local planetarium and some of the university museums, and maybe find some live music or go dancing.

This is relevant because one of the principles behind date night is that connecting well does not necessarily require sweeping gestures or grand expense. In fact, there's usually something little and accessible that you can do right now to take yourself closer to any goal. I'm going to try to set myself little projects each Tuesday-- things manageable enough to make notable progress in a week, but challenging enough that I'll feel accomplished when I do them. Then, the following Tuesday, I'll post a report of my efforts.

If you choose, you may play along on the Fabulous Figure Five Home Game! Leave a comment, I'll suggest a project, you may take it up or not, and next Tuesday leave a comment with your trip report. For example, on the previous post's comments I might suggest that Chris write something (be it a short story or an appreciative letter) to send off to Playboy, Samantha try an organic recipe, and paxcogitum spend a bit of time recruiting around town. (Feel free to do any of these, or not do them.)

My projects this week are as follows: I will audition for several solos on the upcoming choir concert. I was going to do that anyway, though, so I'll give myself an additional project. I came up with a comic series a while back called Ducks of War (one of these days I'll scan it in here) and drew three and a half pages. The fourth page has been languishing half-done on my bulletin board. I will finish it by next Tuesday, scan the whole group, and post them here.

Anyone else up to take on a specific challenge? Drop me a comment! Anyone else up to take on a non-specific challenge? Have at least one meaningful conversation this week through a sock puppet. You know, a sock on your hand. Yes, really. Anyone think this is a really pretentious idea? Let me know!


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I was gonna comment that your trebuchet building date sounded pretty awesome. But now I want to comment for a challenge, seeing as working makes me tired and unambitious of late.

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