Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Quick Introduction

Hi! I'm Susan. I have a lot of opinions and no qualms about inflicting them on anybody else. But before I get on with that, I want to talk a little bit about this blog, its purpose, and its methods.

It started, as most good things do, while I was surrounded by inebriated friends and wearing a half-assed costume. (Although this used to be a weekly fixture in my life, on this particular instance it was Halloween, so I had conventional reason to dress like a robot.) I was sitting next to that pink-haired girl from Lazytown with a jalapeno pepper gyrating drunkenly in my lap when Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force asked me why I never called him. "I'm actually kind of pissed about it," he said.

Well, I thought about that for a minute while Meatwad went off to dance with a nun of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and I realized that I don't call my friends because nowadays I never have anything interesting to say, and I'm ashamed of not keeping up the momentum with which I careened howling out of college and into the real world. Meatwad agreed that steps needed to be taken to make my life more awesome. One of my goals is to write more, so to that end, we agreed that I would blog every day for the month of November.

My reasons for this are as follows:
1) I want to get into the habit of writing every day
2) I would eventually like to have myself a column, and this is good practice for the format
3) I'm self-centered enough to want to rant to everyone.

So here it is. Features you will see here include:
Top Ten lists, updated on Monday (see sidebar)
Word of the Week, updated on Tuesday (see sidebar)
Political commentary
Snippets of short fiction
Occasional special features
And a whole lot of other random shit besides. If I do not provide any of this content, or if I begin to lapse in my daily updating, please find me and beat me with a tire-iron. I'm sick of not following through on my ideas.

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Go, Susan, Go!

Posted by Blogger dws @ 9:52 AM #

great idea! I'll be reading. ~Christina

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Word of the Week

gymnosophy [jim-NAH-so-fee]

n. Philosophical, amusing, or nonsensical insights realized when naked, as in the shower or in bed. (recent coinage: att. S. Galasso, 2010)

Victoria and Albert enjoyed a spot of postprandial concupiscence culminating in a night of gymnosophy and coffee and crumpets at dawn.

The Silent Top Five: Bacon-Flavored Desserts

1) Bacon cheesecake.
2) Bacon gumballs.
3) Bacon ice cream.
4) Bacon-orange bars.
5) Bacon apple pie.

Standard Disclaimer

This is all in no way meant to incur copyright-infringement-related wrath. I'm harmless. I promise. Oh, and if you're offended by anything I may post herein, I guarantee I didn't mean to do so (unless, of course, you are a humorless prig. In which case, go right on and be offended, with my blessings.)