Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trip Report Tuesday #1- Double Success Happy Time!

If you'll recall, my two projects for this week were to audition for solos-- despite having barely learned one of the three-- and to finish and scan my Ducks of War series. I am pleased to report that both of these things have happened. Not only have they happened, they have happened favorably. Observe!

I had three excerpts to perform at my solo audition, two of which I had already memorized and sung a million times. The third one was a complicated Renaissance duet part that I had maybe looked at once by the week of my audition. I almost decided not to bother with it at all, but then figured that wouldn't be in the spirit of the challenge. I sat down with my little audio file and whipped it into shape the day before my audition, then went in figuring that at least the other two were in good shape. I made one obvious mistake during my whole audition-- in that excerpt. Meh, I figured. I wasn't really going for that one anyway.

Of course, guess which solo I got? Yeah. I have no excuse not to try anything anymore. The part is beautiful, and of course I'll have a month to get it right. Those of you who'd like to come hear the concert should let me know, and I'll get y'all details.


As for finishing Ducks of War,

(Click for big.)

Next week's project-- I have one of a pair of cute little ankle socks knitted. This week I will finally knit that other sock.

Anyone else have a trip report? Leave it in the comments! (Sock puppet relationship discussions, I'm lookin' at you.) Anyone else want a project? Get in touch with me, either here or elsewhere, and I'll give you your very own blogpost all to yourself.  Otherwise, this week's generic project is: tell someone, somewhere, exactly how you feel about them.

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Hey Susan!

Although I did not submit an article to Playboy this past week (though I have sent letters to the editor--none published so far), I did make the decision to revise my latest play (finished last month), completely changing my ending--I figure that sort of counts. Can't remember if I sent it to you or not, but I've just emailed the revised version. Let me know what you think!

PS: Ducks of War is fabulous. However, there's no enlarged version of the very first page. I'd love to read it, when you get the chance to (re) put it up. Congrats on a week of great accomplishment!

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