Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WTF Wednesday 4: In Which I Am the Subject

Today's WTF Wednesday rant was originally going to be about the Catholic bishops threatening to withdraw licensed social service programs from Washington DC if a proposed gay rights law passes. Tomorrow, or possibly Friday, I will revisit this topic, probably loudly and with vigor. Tonight, though, I'm driving to my mother's for the holiday, so I haven't got time to give injustice the justice it deserves.

Besides, it has come to my attention that I have committed the unthinkable faux pas of admitting I have no damn idea who Lady Gaga is.

A student of mine made a reference to her looks, to which I answered that I've never heard her and I don't know what she looks like. The student looked at me with the goggle-eyed horror I usually associate with Charlton Heston's discovery that the Planet of the Apes is actually Earth. "You don't know who Lady Gaga is?" she yelped. "How can you possibly not know who Lady Gaga is?"  I told her that I didn't have television or own a computer, and that I mostly listened to NPR. "You mean you don't have cable, right?" she asked. I assured her that no, I had no access to television broadcasts of any kind.

By now the conversation had attracted gapers. "Have you ever been in a store? Ever? In your life?" asked another student. I replied that of course I'd been in a store, but I didn't have the money to shop for fun. "So do you just go home and go right to sleep?" he said in disbelief. "What do you even do?"

"I read," I replied. At that point, they all went back to their classwork, assuming I was just messing with them.

I don't know whose WTF was bigger.


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Basically, Lady Gaga is a new, tackier '80s Madonna, with the same kick for doing weird shit and attracting a lot of publicity, which is mostly not directed towards her decent-but-not-awe-inspiring pop music.

I am rather astounded, however, as even I have heard of her. And I think you know what my interest in modern pop culture is like.

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