Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Avatarsery To Me!

Two years ago today, I handed Andy an envelope with
YES       NO          ASTRONAUT
written on the front. Andy handed it back to me with both YES and ASTRONAUT circled. This was, obviously, the right answer. Happy anniversary, First Mate.

In celebration, he and I went to see Avatar. You, also, should put down your mouse and go to the nearest theater and go see Avatar because yea verily, it is fucking rad. The graphics are... unghhhhOHMYGOD. Scintillating. Exquisite. I'm having a nerdgasm right now just thinking about it. The plot has been characterized as Fern Gully with guns. Yeah, kind of. So? Fern Gully was a good movie, even with Robin Williams rapping in it. Guns just make it better. The point is that humans are dicks and THE GRAPHICS ARE AMAZING GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW GO GO GO GO GO!

...I will wait here for you.

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Scott Adams, have you seen the movie yet?

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