Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trip Report Tuesday: Linguistics and Fear and More Linguistics

I have been shying away from assigning myself Tuesday projects on the grounds that my whole life is a project these days. I have a lot to get together: a move, a new job, a host of creative ideas that I would dearly love to see come to fruition. But I was reminded of the original purpose of Trip Report Tuesday: "there's usually something little and accessible that you can do right now to take yourself closer to any goal."

One of my dearest and most far-reaching goals is to get into a graduate linguistics program. To that end, the First Mate suggested that this week, I process two e-mails a day either from or to linguists to ask for their advice. Now, I usually hold professors and actual working linguists in the kind of reverence people reserve for film stars and rock gods and the like. I couldn't imagine myself actually talking to them; I'd feel too much like a fangirl, too uneducated. That, however, is actually bullshit, isn't it? I mean, I want to be one of these people. They're not academic demigods, they're future colleagues, and I shouldn't feel at all sheepish about approaching them.

So I start tomorrow. Eee, terror and anticipation!

Anyone else want to hop on the terror and anticipation train? Do one thing this week that scares and excites you, then write and tell me all about it.


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Imagine your old ma, your brother Josh, and your baby sister Emily each atop a ladder in the garage trying to hoist a 4'x8' piece of sheet rock 10 feet in the air so that Josh can screw it in. Note that 'rock' is part of the name of this object we are trying to lift. After 3 failures we called for reinforcements. Thanks to Mr. Sean, my garage ceiling is fixed. Inching toward my goal of having my home ready for its realty close up by March 30.

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