Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WTF Wednesday: This Is An Intervention

It's impossible to be unhappy while reading in a tree. Especially a crabapple tree in full bloom, and most especially in perfect spring weather as the sun is going down. Listening to the birds singing and smelling the fragrance of the flowers as pink petals rain gently down on my book-- utter bliss, isn't it?

If, however, you ask me what I was reading, I will like and say "Linguistics textbooks." Or "feminist theory." Or even "a yellow-back novel like they sell in the saloons and burlesque shows." Because that would be less shameful than what I was actually reading.

This is where the WTF comes in. I disliked the Twilight saga intensely from the minute I first tried to hack my way through it. I tore it apart in my earlier review, and my opinion has not changed. Twilight is, at best, vapid and poorly written. At worst, the relationship between Bella and Edward provides a destructive model for impressionable teenage girls who don't realize that Edward's behavior, vampire or not, constitutes emotional and physical abuse. And for some reason, I'm reading it again.

The best explanation I can think of is that I've been feeling frustrated and overwhelmed lately. Orchestrating a move out of state, trying to find a new job, my mother putting our childhood home on the market, and a number of other tensions have got me down, and it felt good reading about someone who's more whiny and emo than I feel. To crib a phrase from a fanfic review I once read, there's enough angst in Twilight to kill Trent Reznor. I mean, my problems may be annoying, but at least I'm not an uninteresting high-school martyr-bunny inexplicably enamored of an immortal abusive asshole. And it's not like I actually like the series. I'm just rereading it to laugh at it. I can quit anytime I want to.

Then again, I once had a friend who started listening to Manowar ironically and wound up on a slippery slope that led to her getting a "Sister of Metal" tattoo. Friends and readers, I count on you to intervene if this gets out of hand. If I ever start dusting myself with body glitter so I too can sparkle in the sun, stake the hell out of me.


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I love you. You make me giggle. Read all the embarrassing books you want, no one is judging you.

*pffffffthahahah everyone is judging you*

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