Friday, May 14, 2010

Figure Five Links Rodeo

I run across lots of amusing, outrageous, or thought-provoking articles that make me think "Wow, I really need to blog about this!" The ones which inspire some sort of personal commentary I do blog about (see this week's WTF Wednesday, for example). A good number of them, though, are things to which I have nothing to add other than "Seriously, go read this! It's funny/good/interesting/totally messed up!" I do want to share them, though, so they wind up perpetually open in tabs which clutter up my browser and make me feel like I've got lots of unfinished business. Hence Links Rodeo, a general purge of these things in list format with a brief summary. Go hog wild!

There may be more Links Rodeos to come; there are a lot of things I wish I could make people read. In the meantime, please do check these out. I very rarely read links that people send me unless they've passed my stringent vetting process, and I can vouch for all of these.


Posted by Silent Five @ 8:54 PM

Word of the Week

gymnosophy [jim-NAH-so-fee]

n. Philosophical, amusing, or nonsensical insights realized when naked, as in the shower or in bed. (recent coinage: att. S. Galasso, 2010)

Victoria and Albert enjoyed a spot of postprandial concupiscence culminating in a night of gymnosophy and coffee and crumpets at dawn.

The Silent Top Five: Bacon-Flavored Desserts

1) Bacon cheesecake.
2) Bacon gumballs.
3) Bacon ice cream.
4) Bacon-orange bars.
5) Bacon apple pie.

Standard Disclaimer

This is all in no way meant to incur copyright-infringement-related wrath. I'm harmless. I promise. Oh, and if you're offended by anything I may post herein, I guarantee I didn't mean to do so (unless, of course, you are a humorless prig. In which case, go right on and be offended, with my blessings.)