Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today, WTF Means "What (I'm) Thankful For"

First, you should know that I'm going to my mother's for Thanksgiving, and my mother, as I've mentioned, doesn't have an internet connection. I'll try to track one down somewhere for Thursday and Friday, but dear reader, I make no promises. If I don't manage to post, rest assured I'll return on Saturday just as full of wit, nerd rage, and non sequiturs as I ever was.

It is, of course, the season, and since it fit my acronym I found it doubly appropriate to say a few words about the things for which I'm thankful. I'll get the obvious, schmoopy one out of the way first. I am incalculably grateful for the people in my life. I have a joyous collection of some of the best, truest, most caring, most clever friends I could imagine. I have a First Mate who challenges, supports, and inspires me (and whom I made laugh until he cried earlier this evening, and I am proud even though I suspect it was laughing-at and not laughing-with. OKAY I LIKED LOVE ACTUALLY SHURRUP.) I have a close-knit, warm, accepting family that actually delights in each other's company. I have three cats who are generous with the snuggles. Truly, life could not be more full of wonderful characters.

I am thankful for sprklfck, which is too cool for vowels. (This being, for those who don't know, the nascent glam-punk spectacle band for which I provide vocals.) It's exciting to learn a new genre and to collaborate creatively with talented people. Practice always makes me feel like I am ten ninjas. There's nothing better than getting to hang out and play music with people you love. (Except perhaps spontaneously meowing the entirety of "Bohemian Rhapsody" en masse.)

I am thankful for the encouragement I've received in the past month as I struggle to get over the academic hump once and for all. I've found strength in the most unlikely of places, and from people I was at first afraid to approach. I love having my aimless paranoia proven wrong.

I'm thankful for the large collection of music I have at my disposal. For the past few weeks I've always been able to find the perfect song for the moment, and it made each of those moments that much more poignant or epic or hilarious. I'm also thankful for all of the people who are willing to share their favorites and keep my library expanding.

I'm thankful for coffee, without the near-constant consumption of which I would probably not have the sterling performance record I currently maintain at work.

I'm thankful to be living in a place I enjoy. I'm thankful for the university and the culture it brings with it, for the eco-conscious and socially conscientious people who live here, for the view as I take John Nolen into downtown, for the free zoo and the arboretum and the botanic gardens and the capitol square. I'm thankful for the good beer and the good cheese and the fact that this state gave us Russ Feingold, the Dictionary of American Regional English, Summerfest, and my mother's partner.

I'm thankful for Anarch City. I'm thankful to have poured myself into a creative project and to have it actually pay off. I'm thankful for the fantastic education I receive by working with Chris and with the cast and with the crew. I'm thankful to have proof that the question "What would you do if you assumed you could?" has fewer limits than I ever imagined it might. 

I'm thankful for a host of other things, too; among them are Iron Chef, summer grills, having a real vacuum, the Inferno, Saint-Germain elderflower liqueur, Daft Punk doing the soundtrack to the new Tron, the dolmades at Husnus, CSO comp tickets, my car continuing to work, swing dancing in town, the library, The Flashbulb's new album "Arboreal," the fact that someone has uploaded QI to YouTube, friends who know computers, the wealth of ethnic restaurants in town. I am floored by how much I have to be grateful for. I hope you all find yourself in a similar position this Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading.

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Much love and agreement in your general direction, stunning lady.

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