Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trip Report Tuesday: Lightning Round!

Please do not take this unnecessarily terse trip report as an indication that I'm dissatisfied with my progress this week. I'm about to succumb to a massive food coma and am not in the mood to write much. I'm actually still pretty proud of myself, though. Today I met with a professor and have two of my letters of recommendation sewn up. This looks more likely to work out with every step I take toward it.

Next week's goal: talking to people I've been putting off talking to. Acquaintances I haven't quite gotten the nerve to invite out. Friends I owe apologies or explanations. Thank-you notes I forgot to write. Administrators for test scores and transcripts and whatnot. Wish me luck.


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Mad skillz. <3 I'm proud of you. And excited. :D


... Is it odd that the verification for this is "pukedays"?

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