Monday, November 30, 2009

Placeholder and A Bit of Materialistic Glee

I could talk about a lot of things right now. I could talk about what I'm thankful for, this being the season and all. I could talk about how daily blogging has helped me this month, and about why I finally took a weekend off this past weekend. I could talk about the political discussions I had with Steve over the holidays, or the political discussions I'm trying to figure out how to have with my co-workers. But right now I'm so tired I could cry, so I'm going to bed instead. I will say this, though:



Oh, and Scott Adams, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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gonna keep blogging?

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Word of the Week

gymnosophy [jim-NAH-so-fee]

n. Philosophical, amusing, or nonsensical insights realized when naked, as in the shower or in bed. (recent coinage: att. S. Galasso, 2010)

Victoria and Albert enjoyed a spot of postprandial concupiscence culminating in a night of gymnosophy and coffee and crumpets at dawn.

The Silent Top Five: Bacon-Flavored Desserts

1) Bacon cheesecake.
2) Bacon gumballs.
3) Bacon ice cream.
4) Bacon-orange bars.
5) Bacon apple pie.

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