Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trip Report Tuesday #2- EPIC FAIL

My project for today was to finish my pair of socks. Simple ankle socks, I figured, one of which was just about done, were a challenge, but a doable one. How did I do?

About like this.

To be fair, I had what I consider good reasons for not completing this week's challenge. Both my first mate and I are up to our eyeballs in work, and additionally, he has a full course load to manage and commutes six hours every weekend. Among all these pressures, the housework sometimes falls on the list of priorities. 

Okay, by "falls on the list of priorities," I mean "I'm gone from 8 AM to 8 PM most days, so I come home exhausted and fall into a book, and meanwhile he's working like crazy on homework and business responsibilities and doesn't have time, and I'm often distracted by shiny things which is why half of my stuff doesn't end up put away in the first place." So this weekend my project was to clean the whole apartment before my long-suffering boyfriend finally stuffed me in the freezer.

The apartment looks beautiful, actually. I did a bit of decorating and relocating of pictures, and now it looks like the sort of place you'd want to show off. Which is lucky, because the landlord is showing it tomorrow. Andy and I are moving in July (to be closer to our families and his office) and are just now entering the whirlwind of exhilaration and pain-in-the-ass that entails. Although I love my town and I am, for the most part, delighted with my apartment, I get such a charge out of moving that it's almost enough to override all of the stupid annoyance of it. Almost.

Anyway. My project for this week will be, once again, to finish the socks. There'll be an additional one, though-- to keep my apartment as pristine as it is now. Let's see how that goes.

Also, muchas Snap(p)s to Chris for his rewritten play, which he sent to me. Damn good work, and classy as always, old man. I hope we eventually get to work together again.

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So glad you liked it! I very much hope we can work together again--incidentally, there's a part in this script for you; I'm sure you can guess which it is :)

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