Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Yes, Christina...

I will keep blogging! And I will begin by postponing Trip Report Tuesday indefinitely, or at least until my real life stops being so full that adding projects would make me go crazy.  I will say that I did some more work on the Rasputin Sock, but like its evil Russian namesake, it just won't die. The four days I spent at my mother's were wonderful and rejuvenating, mostly because I allowed myself not to do anything, including work on that sock. It was bliss, and it makes this week seem even worse by comparison. I didn't update at my mother's because I didn't have access to a computer, and I feel too overwhelmed by the idea of playing catch-up to write the extra entries now, so I'll have to deal with an incomplete November. I've internalized the daily schedule to the point that it annoys me when I don't have time to blog, even if I don't have anything to say. I guess that's one thing this blog has already helped me clarify about my life-- I can't do ten-hour workdays without becoming frazzled and whiny and neglecting the things and people I care about. After this year, I quit.

I'm considering quitting at the semester, even. There's a lot of turnover in the after-school program that is my second job, and nobody would be all that surprised. The thing that keeps me there is the kids. I love my kindergartners, and I don't want to explain to them that I'm not coming back. Also, I'm good at my job. I have consistently garnered great performance reviews (they make you do performance reviews every two weeks there, another reason I'm so keen to leave) and all the kids are fond of me and love my fun and creative lessons. Then again, I do tend to talk myself into staying in situations I don't enjoy because I feel like I'm needed there. This is, among other things, pretty egotistical. I'm sure the program would not cease to function if I left.

Interwebs, I put it to you. If it were you, would you leave the job? The money is nice, but not absolutely vital to my lifestyle. How do you weigh quality of life against extra cash for the move this summer?

The extra cash was, at least nominally, to save up for the new laptop, which I have now actually acquired. In fact, as we speak it's upsetting my cat by usurping his place on my lap. It's shiny and new and I've named it Toshi. My previous round of electronics was named after Shakespeare characters, and so I shouldn't have been surprised when they all died tragic and dramatically appropriate deaths. This round is going to get Japanese names, which will hopefully lead to them being way more technologically sound than I am.

And that's all the blog that's fit to blog right now. The Silent Top Five and  the Word of the Week are off this week, but I'm interested to know if people miss them. Should I continue?

Scott Adams, your vote counts double in both these informal polls.

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Yes, you most certainly should continue them. They're neat. :D

Posted by Blogger paxcogitum @ 8:41 PM #

Wait, how did you come by the laptop? Last time I checked, you weren't at the buying stage. How did Toshi come to stay?

P.S. I hope you continue your blog. If you stop, Mom will sink into depression. For real. Do you have any idea how often she talks about your blog and how great it is? And references it? I was reading the Sister Wendy's guide to American art, and the Figure 5 painting showed up, and off she went... she'd be crushed if you stop.

Posted by Anonymous Emtarkanderundersgunderson @ 8:06 PM #

Ditto on the blogofeatures.

As to the job. I think you know where I stand on any money vs. happiness discussion. Assuming, of course, that lack of funds isn't likely to leave you trapped later on.

Posted by Blogger Jacob @ 2:24 PM #
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